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Heating element FH 22

Flat panel heating element for enclosures

flat heater
In winter outside installed electrical and electronic components are especially prone to temperature-related failures. The flat panel heating element FH 22 ensures that the temperature of cold-sensitive devices in enclosures does not fall below 5°C. This is a low-cost version for small and medium-sized enclosure systems.
At a temperature of 5°C within the enclosure, the heating is switched on and heats the inside of the enclosure with a heating power of 22 watts (max. 50°C. at the element). When reaching an interior temperature of 15°C the heater switches off automatically. For bigger enclosures it is possible to combine several elements (parallel connection).
maximum temperature:50°C
voltage (U):230 V AC
wattage (P):22 Watt
resitance (R):2,2 kOhm
cable:2 x 0,75 mm² - 0,5 m
W x H x D:230 x 180 x 6 mm


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